Step Up
is a Russian charity that works with residents and graduates of both correctional orphanages and psychoneurological institutions.

is to help every child receive an education and develop as an individual, overcoming the damaging inheritance of their orphanage past
Most of our students grew up in correctional orphanages: places where children with developmental delays (or often simply those suffering from pedagogical neglect) end up.

They study at intermediate schools and, after nine years of schooling, are educated to the equivalent of Year 5 at a comprehensive school. Only three colleges (!!!) in Moscow accept students with such a level of education.

What does it mean?

You don't have any choice (or it's very limited) because of your past and the system of orphanages in Russia!

But it is not!

And we can help!
We are open for everybody
who wants to believe in themselves...

Friendship between students and between students, teachers, and volunteers
Without discipline learning is impossible – but without play it is boring
Relating to education as if it was an adventure; difficult, but compelling
Locally grown grape is cheap and very juicy
Step up work over 14 years!

And its is not only a place of personal and creative development,

but also we have achieved concrete results.

What kind of?

51 of our students have completed Year 9

28 have received Year 11 graduation certificates

400 orphanage residents and graduates have taken

classes, and continue to take classes, at our Centre

What else

We can't account amount of every step that our

students take every single day !

HOW can we be useful for BDSM English?

1) You can teach us! And we can be your social project!

2) Our students are unique and how to motivate them sometimes is a HUGE question! So!))
You now everything about motivation... we can be your experimental mouse!

3) We are the place where the miracle happened.
Do you want any miracle?

Feel free contact and JOIN us
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